YayCam Retro


Give your photos a retro touch


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YayCam Retro essentially turns your device into an old camera that can apply filters of all types and record video like on a classic 8mm. It's very useful if you're looking for a more authentic vintage look than what you can get with Instagram, for example.

The specific effects available in YayCam Retro are 1930, 1950, Polaroid, 8mm, vintage, black and white, and sepia. You'll also find other filters, including frames and subfilters of all kinds that can give your pictures a look from another era.

All these options are complemented by the ability to record video, so you can not only take pictures but also film things as though you were working with an old video camera. Its more than 20 effects are compatible with other social networks, too, allowing retouching on Instagram or Twitter, for example.

Create pictures in true vintage style with YayCam Retro without having to edit them with complex editing tools. It's like you're taking your pictures directly with a Polaroid or a 8mm from the very moment you press the shutter button.